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BC as a space for art-practice is conceived as a house that hosts many ideas and point of views, a venue for arts to fuse and multiply.

Ordinary Historians and Wayward Daughters

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About the Show 

This is the first of BC Collective’s art shows at B C Gallery, which took place from 24 Aug to 15 Oct 2014 and it is an experiment and an exploration at the same time. Experiment because it does not have a curator in the conventional sense and it is a show in which many diverse artists from different generations of art practices participate; and exploration because such an experiment opens new realms of unity and disagreements in the understanding of art. What we are aiming at, is an amalgamation of concepts and an investigation into the community’s tradition of art in which there is a niche for everyone not uniform in their perceptions – there are ordinary historians as well as wayward daughters, all in the same platform.


This fraction of contemporary Malayali artists is the ones who respond to fashionable realities in art practices and its aesthetic challenges. As an artist-collective we focus in the education and understanding which evolves from this creative discourse, and provide a platform for everyone to enjoy and respond.

About the artists

The participating artists belong to different generations and attitudes. They are
Aami Atmaja
Ambish Kumar K M 
Gipin Varghese 
K K Muhammed 
Pradeep Kumar K P 
Sabin Mudapathi 
Sanal C S 
Siji R Krishnan
Shanto Antony 
Sosa Joseph
Sreedevi T R


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